Integra Protect has a true passion for protecting your future.

Integra Protect are your expert local protection insurance broker

We make your job of selecting the right insurances, easy. Our trained and qualified advisers have access to a range of the UK's top insurers. Our simple advice and recommendation process will ensure you have the right insurance products to meet your needs and requirements.

Not only will we insure you have the right protection insurances in place to protect you and your family, but we will also consider your potential business needs and your legacy planning needs. After all, you've worked hard in life to create a nest egg for your loved ones, so why not protect it?!

Meet our amazing team

Ryan Boyd


Being a Director of a business and a father to 2 young children, Ryan understands the importance of Business Protection and Personal Protection alike. Ryan has a passion for Protection, and loves giving his clients the peace of mind that if the unexpected were to happen, their families would still have the financial stability that they need. Ryan has also attended a training programme on will writing to understand the importance of writing a will.

Will Taynton


Also being a Director of the business, Will is aware of how important it is to protect what’s valuable to himself and his clients. Will has a natural ability of understanding and relating to his clients’ situations, and so he always makes it a priority to ensure that they walk away from him free of any financial stresses for the future. Will has attended a training programme to understand the importance and requirements of writing a will.

Luke Aqui

Protection Advisor

Before Luke joined Integra Financial in 2019 he had no previous experience or knowledge with Protection Insurances, but that soon changed. We will never forget the look of emotion and passion on his face when we trained him on the various protection arrangements available to clients and how they support clients when they need it the most. Since the time he walked through our doors he has never let any client pass him by without giving them a first class educational talk on the various benefits, what they do and how they benefit the client, and this is just one of the many reasons he is a great advisor.

Lottie Reeves

General Insurance Specialist

Lottie heads up our General Insurance department, looking after clients needs for home and contents and the increasingly popular private medical insurance. Since the day Lottie joined us, insurance has always been one of her most enjoyable parts of the business. Her knowledge is flawless. She understands her products and also understands what clients need.

Gavin Culverhouse

Business Protection Specialist

Since joining us in 2021, Gavin has been really keen to fill a huge void in the business protection market. It is massively important that all our clients have a range of choices they can choose from, not just in terms of insurance providers or products but whether or not the need is on an individual basis or to have protection within the clients business.