Our Services

Introducing ip. Our job is to make protecting your legacy easier.

Will Writing
Of course, you can write a will yourself. But, will it stand the test of time? Our professionally trained Will writers are purely dedicated to protecting your legacy and have the expertise and experience to write your future correctly.
Trust Planning
Trust planning offers the security of passing assets or even cash through the generations to your loved ones. You can place the asset or cash in a trust, which will be managed by the trustees, thus creating a separate legal entity.
Funeral Plans
With a superb choice of asset backed pre paid funeral plans, we can ensure you beat the rise in inflationary value of funeral costs and save your loved ones the stress of arranging a funeral when you have gone. Did you know that funeral costs within the next 10 years are likely to average £8,000? A pre-paid funeral plan can combat inflation and provide your loved ones with the knowledge of knowing the cost has been covered and the plans have been made.
Lasting Power of Attorney
Lasting powers of attorney ensure that in the event of becoming of unsound mind, that you have dedicated person(s) to take care of our property and financial affairs and your health and welfare. Sadly many people in life are unable to make crucial decisions for themselves when it comes to financial welfare or their health. Having a registered Lasting Power of Attorney(s) can ensure that, if you are of unsound mind that trusted people can make those important decisions for you.
Document Storage
The first document most family members look for in the event of a bereavement is a Will. Our secure document storage provides air tight, fire and water proof security so you know your future is safe in our hands. Our secure document storage will ensure your will and any other important documents are safe from potential damage. It is also gives your loved ones peace of mind knowing where the document is upon death.