Our Services

Introducing ip. Our job is to make protecting your legacy easier.

Will Writing
Of course, you can write a will yourself. But, will it stand the test of time? Our professionally trained Will writers are purely dedicated to protecting your legacy and have the expertise and experience to write your future correctly.
Trust Planning
Trust planning offers the security of passing assets or even cash through the generations to your loved ones. You can place the asset or cash in a trust, which will be managed by the trustees, thus creating a separate legal entity.
Lasting Power of Attorney
Lasting powers of attorney ensure that in the event of becoming of unsound mind, that you have dedicated person(s) to take care of our property and financial affairs and your health and welfare. Sadly many people in life are unable to make crucial decisions for themselves when it comes to financial welfare or their health. Having a registered Lasting Power of Attorney(s) can ensure that, if you are of unsound mind that trusted people can make those important decisions for you.
Will Document Storage
We understand that your will and other legacy planning documents are vitally important to you. Gone are the days where you would risk keeping the documents in your loft, under the mattress or even the floorboards because there is too much risk of the documents being damaged and becoming void. Not only that, did you know that it is very common for siblings to race to the home to check the will upon bereavement to be the first to take what they want and to see what has been left to whom! Storage can combat these potential issues.
Business Protection
The key risks to your business are not the office burning down, computers being stolen or cars being written off. They are all replaceable but can the same be said for the people that work in your business or even of you? People can be replaced however, it usually takes considerable time and comes at a significant cost. Worryingly, the death or serious illness of a business owner or other key person can be the trigger that results in the company failing altogether. What can be done? With a little planning, succession and continuity for a business can be thought through and delivered along with some well-written plans.
Private Medical Insurance
Are you worried about the NHS wait times for consultancy visits or even surgery? Well PMI can provide you with quick access to the best medical professionals across the UK and save months of waiting around.
Buildings & Contents Insurance
Protecting your property and the belongings within it are essential to living a stress free life. Imagine being flooded or experiencing a house fire and not having sufficient cover in place. Where would you go? What would you do? It's a pretty scary thought.